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Order traditional freshly roasted coffee with a high quality. Are you just like us and do you enjoy a lovely cup of coffee with full flavour and a lovely aroma, then you should definitely try our coffee.

We have of course high expectations regarding fresh, carefully roasted coffee beans that ensure that the coffee has a lovely full flavour, but we also want to make sure that the people who grow, groom and pick these beans in the hills, receive a fair wage. The thought of an excellent coffee that preserves and confirms life so everyone can profit from the process in a good manner.

The roasting of coffee beans is a specialty we had to learn. It is very important to use all five senses to be able to establish the correct level of roasting. Just like cooking, roasting coffee is a taught skill that improves with experience. And because of our gained experience, we have become experts. The coffee you buy in the shops is roasted in a commercial manner. Therefore, the freshness is not the main issue. This has certain advantages but also disadvantages. Often the coffee bean is roasted too dark and sometimes even not dark enough. By our special way of roasting the coffee beans we are able to create lovely flavours, depending on the selected beans and where they originate from. But please note, the most important ingredient is always green coffee with a high quality.

Al our coffee beans are traditional freshly roasted in our own coffee roasting company in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. You can order coffee from us, that was roasted a maximum two weeks in advance, to ensure the quality, full flavour, freshness and aroma of the coffee. That is also one of the reasons why our coffee stands out from the coffee that is sold in the supermarkets.

Order coffee beans online

you should try our coffee and you will smell, taste and feel the difference. You can simply order our coffee online. We have a wide assortment of products for you to pick from. You can also contact us to discuss your requirements, our employees will be glad to provide you with advice.

To order coffee beans online is easy, first pick your favourite flavour. You can pick from 250 grams or 1 kg packs.

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