My friends and I love coffee, the smell of it, and the taste of it. And we have tasted a lot of coffee, but there was always something missing. There was a special taste that we were looking for, a full bodied coffee without a bitter aftertaste. But that coffee did not exist yet. The big brands have a harsh taste, and a bitter aftertaste.

We wanted something different, we wanted to roast coffee from a carefully chosen source, hand sorted from dried coffee beans to our own exacting standards, the same week a customer orders it. This way, the great fresh taste is ensured. At Van Mooy Coffee we have discovered the secret to making and brewing good coffee, as well as the secret to success. legend was born.


 Finally we found just what we were looking for: we located coffee beans from Columbia that had all the right qualities prior to roasting. These coffee beans possess the subtle aroma of fresh apples, with the acidity of red cherries. We found, after roasting in Amsterdam the Netherlands , that these Columbian beans had a full bodied taste, with a lingering sweet finish like the floral aromas of the tropical hills. The workers are paid more to sort the Caturra variety beans grown in Huuila, Columbia. These beans are grown in the hills at an altitude of 1650 to 1750 meters. We also use beans selectively sourced from Bahia Araguala, Brazil, the Catuai variety grown at 1100 meters as well as coffee from Las Crucitas, Guatemala. These beans have mild acidity, full body and a clean aftertaste. The beans are washed before being dried a requisite 30 to 50 days, much longer that the standard 6 days. This prevents beans that are not dry enough from going bad during shipping


Thanks to hard work and persistence, our dream has been realized. While we started from very humble beginnings, our passion and dedication to creating the best coffee won out. Van Mooy Coffee was founded, and has become what is it is today, a high qualified roasting company.

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